Silo Art and Art Gallery tour

Silo Art and Art Gallery tour: Discover public Art in unexpected places!

Explore rural Australian culture in the Wimmera Mallee region with the The Silo Art trail in Victoria, The Silo art trail is a popular tourist attraction that features large- scale murals painted on historic grain silos in small regional towns. The tour takes visitors through various rural towns where these towering silos have been transformed into impressive works of art.

These grain silos built in the late 1930s showcases unique murals created by talented artists from Australia and around the world. The murals are painted using vibrant colours and intricate details, and the murals can span two and four silos around 35 metres high which creates an awe-inspiring visual experience.

The Silo Art trail offers visitors the opportunity to explore the scenic countryside will appreciating these stunning outdoor art installations. It has become a popular destination for photography enthusiasts, art lovers and those interested in exploring regional Australia culture.

If you prefer to have a guided tour, one of our local tour providers Experience the Grampians have a Silo Art Tour experience follow the link to find out more
Experience the Grampians walk – ride – fly Contact Justine – 0414 336 774 email. info@experiencethegrampians.com.au

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Stop at the Vegemite Museum and learn more about  Cyril Callister – the man who invented Vegemite. The museum celebrates the life and history of a man who changed the way Australian’s ate. Open from Wednesday to Saturday. Read more about the museum here.

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Dadswells Bridge

The Giant Koala is located in the western Victorian town of Dadswells Bridge, 20km south-east of Horsham. Made in 1989 by Dutch sculptor Ben Van Zetten, it is composed of bronze and fibreglass supported by a steel frame. At 14 by eight metres, this massive structure is more a building than sculpture. Indeed, the interior, accessible through the Koala’s front forearms, houses a souvenir and gift shop.

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Horsham Regional Art Gallery

Housed in the original Art Deco style building late 1930s. Horsham Town Hall and Gallery, discover their collections. Open Seven Days 10am – 4pm, Closed Christmas Day
 hrag@hrcc.vic.gov.au 80 Wilson Street Horsham, 3400, 03 5382 9575

Image credit visithorsham.com.au

Dinner and Drinks at Baa 3400 Horsham

Dinner and drinks at Baa 3400 in Horsham – stay the night here too!  Peruse Baa 3400s Summer Menu and enjoy local wines featuring our Best’s Wines Rose and Bin No. 0 Shiraz.
dine in daily | 4.00pm until late | reservations essential Horsham International Hotel | 118 Baillie Street, Horsham 3400 | baa3400@outlook.com | 0499 3400 88

Ararat TAMA

Collection focus. ‘Established in 1968, Ararat Gallery TAMA (Textile Art Museum Australia) holds a unique place amongst Australia’s public galleries, through its longstanding commitment to textile and fibre art.’Open: Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm, Weekends 10am to 4pm. Contact: gallery@ararat.vic.gov.au, 82 Vincent Street, Ararat, Victoria 3377.

Closed Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day ANZAC Day 1pm to 4pm

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Murtoa Stick Shed

A National Heritage listed cultural icon, The Murtoa Stick Shed is an iconic historical site located in Murtoa, Victoria. The Stick Shed (previously known as the Murtoa No.1 Grain Store) is the only remaining emergency grain store built during World War Two.

It is a unique structure that was built in 1941 to store surplus wheat during WW II. Visitors are greeted by a massive, corrugated iron structure standing against the sky. The shed stretches over 270 metres in length and stands as a testament to the Australia’s rich agricultural heritage.

After stepping inside, one is immediately struck by the sheer magnitude of the space. The vast interior, with its souring height and rows upon rows of tall wooden sticks creates a sense of awe. The sticks, (560 unmilled poles) each measuring around 12 metres in length, support the corrugated iron roof of the shed.

A visit to the Murtoa Stick shed offers a captivating glimpse into Australia’s past and serves as a reminder of the resilience and ingenuity of its people. A must-see destination for those with an appreciation for unique architectural marvels and cultural heritage.

The Stick Shed, Murtoa, Come and explore this cultural icon for yourself! 1465 Wimmera Hwy Murtoa, 3390. Seven Days 10:00am – 3:00pm
Tickets: Adults: $10, Concession: $9, Children Under 16: $5, Family Ticket: $20

For those seeking a more immersive experience, guided tours can provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the shed’s significance, Contact: 0434 227 921 Facebook TheStickShed, email thestickshed@gmail.com

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Dimboola Imaginarium

Welcome to the whimsical and quirky world of the Dimboola Imaginarium, where you will be surprised by the unexpected. The Dimboola Imaginarium is a gift shop downstairs and accommodation upstairs housed in the former National Bank of Australasia Limited building.

Since 2019 the Dimboola Imaginarium has evolved to contribute to the town’s newfound verve. We are more than just a shop. The Dimboola Imaginarium is an entirely immersive experience. You can glimpse the past in the vault, have cheese and wine under the giraffe or sleep where past bank managers resided. Grand architecture plays a role in the storytelling of Dimboola. Open daily between 10am- 3pm, 7-9 Lochiel Street, Dimboola, 3414.

Call for accommodation bookings 0425 705 591, email chan@dimboolaimaginarium.com and find us on Facebook
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