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Sparkling Shiraz

A unique Australian wine, Best’s Great Western Sparkling Shiraz was re-introduced at Best’s in 2006 after a 20-year absence. Part of our proud history, the sparkling Shiraz style is synonymous with the Great Western and has been made in the region since the early 1900s. Releasing a sparkling version of Best’s famous Shiraz was a natural progression and a great opportunity for Best’s Great Western to refine the style of sparkling Shiraz from the region.

Great Western produces grapes that are exceptionally well suited to the Sparkling Shiraz style. During the process of reincarnating this style in the mid-2000s, Best's owner and patriarch Viv Thomson, as well as Ian Mackenzie (formerly Winemaker at Seppelt Great Western) were consulted to ensure the wine reflected the origins from whence it came, but also was characteristic of the regional style.

The Shiraz grapes are picked early, made in vats and have minimal oak treatment. The result is a wine with a medium body, which retains its freshness and intensity with age. Our goal is to ensure that Best’s Great Western Sparkling Shiraz defines the Great Western region and is seen as an elegant, refined and well-balanced wine.

Current winemaker, Justin Purser has embraced the sparkling Shiraz project and has initiated some improvements, including using aged Liqueur Muscat material from old casks at Best’s as the dosage in the Sparkling Shiraz. Justin is also working closely with Ben Thomson in the vineyard to fine-tune the best vineyard block for the Sparkling Shiraz style.

The 2018 Great Western Sparkling Shiraz is a dark magenta, with a rocky mousse that fills the glass that subsides to reveal a lace of fine persistent bubbles.  

Fresh and vibrant.  Intense dark fruit flavours bounce around the fruit tingle finish.  The perfect accompaniment to celebrate Christmas 2021.  Serve chilled.

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