Who put the red wine in the fridge?

Love a red with oomph but need something cold to imbibe this summer?  Don’t mind a bit of fizz to add some festive cheer? Sparkling Shiraz is the way to go and our 2009 Sparkling Shiraz is just the right wine for the silly season. Adam Wadewitz talks about this wine in this short video.

After a bubbly red break of almost 40 years, we reintroduced Sparkling Shiraz with the 2006 vintage. The Best’s style of Shiraz (medium bodied, structured, aromatic and spicy) really lends itself to a sparkling that’s both festive fun and a serious red too.

Australia lays international claim to this unique wine style (once known as Sparkling Burgundy until the French got cross about us taking their names) and it becomes all the more popular at Christmas time. The Great Western region is particularly renowned for Sparkling Shiraz, and has produced these special wines since the 1950s.

The 2009 Sparkling Shiraz pairs fantastically with Christmas fare (especially glazed ham and turkey, or even Christmas pudding). Chris Thomson’s famous Plum Pudding Recipe from our Food and Wine Journey Booklet is a great option – Don’t forget to keep a bottle or two left over for January get-togethers (it also works a treat with barbecued meats).

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