Serving red wines over summer

Red wines are best served between 12°C-18°C

Australia is well known for its red wines, and it’s often a Best’s red wine that finds its way to the tables of members as the go-to choice. But with a warm climate, our red wines need to be treated with some extra care over the summer months to ensure the delicate flavours of our wines emerge.

Did you know that, depending on the varietal, red wines are best served between 12°C-18°C? Most room temperatures in the Australian summer are way higher than the ‘room temperature’. Higher than the instructions for red-wine storage and consumption from Europe. So don’t keep the wines out in the summer heat. Perhaps invest in a good quality wine fridge and think about the temperature of the red wines when served.

As wine gets warmer, the alcohol and tannins tend to show a bit more. They come across as hard, hot and usually unattractive. When the mercury rises, pop the reds in the fridge prior to opening. Open early and give them plenty of time to air.


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