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Best's Great Western 2013 Riesling

Best's Great Western 2013 Riesling

A real insider’s wine, or another best kept secret, Great Western produces aromatic, flavoursome yet structured and spectacularly age-worthy Rieslings which stand confidently alongside their more famous South Australian cousins. The Great Western region lends itself well to producing exceptional Riesling – its diurnal weather patterns (warm days / cold nights) work well for the varietal. Some of our original nursery plantings can be traced back to Germany so there is a significant history and pedigree in the root stock of Great Western Riesling.

Grown on the sandy loams of the Concongella Creek and the Rhymney Vineyard sites, and occasionally from selected local vineyards, Best’s Riesling shows the intensity and finesse which are hallmarks of the Great Western region. The wine is made to show true varietal characteristics, achieved by letting the pristine fruit shine above all else. It is cold fermented in stainless steel tanks, retaining the fruit’s inherent aromatics and acidity. Balance, texture and fruit flavour make for an accessible, food friendly wine. And while made to drink now, it will definitely age for many years to come. We can testify that Best’s Great Western Rieslings from the 1970s are drinking superbly now!

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Woods's Gravatar
(23/09/2014 at 5:54 PM)
Mouth watering wine with grapefruit, melon and a hint of honey on a long finish.

Michael Sinclair's Gravatar
Michael Sinclair
(23/09/2014 at 7:23 PM)
Lovely restrained lime on the nose and with a little coercion, lemon sherbet / meringue comes to the fore. Lovely wife says honeysuckle. There’s a steeliness here that suggests a dry, acid-driven Riesling.

It’s pleasant on the palate, putting on weight and opening up with time in the glass. I’m certainly seeing it up the dry end of the spectrum without overt residual sweetness. If there is any, it’s hard to see, such is the balance with the acidity.

Bright. Lively and very more-ish.

A crowd pleaser and perfect with some Morton Bay bugs or chargrilled octopus.

Let's score old-school: 17/20.

Lovely wife says she’d happily go back for seconds.

Jeff Sheldon's Gravatar
Jeff Sheldon
(25/09/2014 at 12:46 PM)
There is more complexity and interest to this wine than your average, pale lemony drop with a sharp finish. The coulour is richer and the mouth feel a little heavier and more rounded from the just-detectable sweetness engineered by Justin Purser. There is the usual lemon, lime and spice, but hints also of a more floral tropicality in the nose. The finish is satisfyingly dry, but not harsh. Given the reputation of Best's Rieslings for ageing gracefully, one wonders what, say, 5 years maturity will add to the complexity of a wine which is already lovely to drink

Owen Steinhardt's Gravatar
Owen Steinhardt
(28/09/2014 at 4:37 PM)
Light yellow colour with a tinge of green. On the nose there are typical Riesling lime aromas with maybe some slight and subtle tropical fruit nuances (pineapple??). My wife and I drunk this with smoked salmon and avocado on mini toasts and it matched up very well! Absolutely effortless to drink and very smooth with moderate to low acidity. To taste; more lime and tropical fruit and hints of musk as an after-taste. Definitely a dry Riesling but seems to have a hint of sweetness contributing to its drinking ease! It will certainly be interesting to compare this 2013 Riesling to the 2011 Best's Riesling which we still have tucked away for the future.

Jack Borland's Gravatar
Jack Borland
(08/10/2014 at 10:57 AM)
Pale straw in colour, with a lovely lime/citrus nose. To put this wine to the test I tried it on its own and with two different dishes. Firstly with seared scallops on cauliflower puree with crispy pancetta. The acidity of the wine cut through the richness of the scallops and puree, and the citrus and slight mineral flavours complemented the dish well. However I felt the saltines of the pancetta overpowered the fruit a little, as on its own these flavours came more to the fore. The second dish was a chilli and garlic prawn stir fry. Again the acid in the wine cut through the richness of the seafood. The lime/citrus flavours complemented the dish well, and were not overpowered by the chilli. It was an excellent match. This style of wine is why I have loved Riesling for 40 years. Wonderful fresh, intense citrus flavours, with a hint of minerality, and a long, clean finish leaving the mouth fresh and ready for more. A great match for all kinds and styles of seafood, but also a great drink on its own.

Hunter Valley Sommeliers's Gravatar
Hunter Valley Sommeliers
(16/10/2014 at 8:35 PM)
Nose had a hints of limes and lemons. Good lineal acid. Medium bodied.Some residual sugar. This seemed to us a little too sweet for fine Riesling. Would like to see the reserve.

Allan's Gravatar
(17/10/2014 at 8:33 PM)
I've been a fan of Great Western shiraz for some time, but have only recently started on the Rieslings. This is my first try of the Best's. 11.5% abv

Pale yellow in colour. A shy nose initially, with lemon, lemon or orange blossom, talc and some minerality. This flows through the palate, where good clean acid combined with the citrus and the minerality to provide a refreshing yet dry mouthfeel.

Presently, it is a very lean wine, and you could be fooled into thinking there is not a lot here if served too cold. You'd be wrong - all the elements are here for a wine that should fill out a little with age (and it should age well for at least 7 years). The palate and the finish are particularly satisfying right now, and the slate / mineral aspects are very much like some higher Eden Valley or even Austrian Rieslings.

Vic Hill's Gravatar
Vic Hill
(20/10/2014 at 3:06 PM)
This is a real summer wine, great nose with green apple, slightly spritzig and very crisp on the palate. To me, this is a wine to be enjoyed now.

Abigail's Gravatar
(22/10/2014 at 7:13 PM)
This Riesling was a delicious treat from the first sip, to last drops from the bottom of the bottle. Accompanying the traditional bevy of cheeses, stuffed peppers, a detectable spiced pear paste with a rich smoked salmon to the side. Each mouthful of wine changed with the intensity of flavours from the board I had compiled together. Thus sending this Riesling forward from the traditional sweetness one would presume, into a much more palatable deepness and perhaps a slight note of smokiness through to the end, which one could never have imagined. I myself do not tend to drink Rieslings for this presumed reason of sweetness however, will score top ratings to this fine example today. Best shared with friends and laughter on a relaxing day to take your time to truly enjoy this wine.

Paul Dalligan's Gravatar
Paul Dalligan
(24/10/2014 at 4:17 PM)
The best value white wine in Australia - do yourself a favour

Will's Gravatar
(25/10/2014 at 1:48 PM)
This Riesling is amazing. Had ti with 6 friends who don’t drink many Rieslings and it was their favourite wine of the night. It is just what a wine should be, the perfect balance between sweet apple, minerality and acidity without ripping away the rest of the flavour and weight of the wine – something that some Australian rieslings do too much of. Drinking nicely now, but buy 6 and have one every year or two - you will enjoy the journey.

John's Gravatar
(27/10/2014 at 1:39 PM)
I was born in South Australia and think of drinking Riesling almost as a birth right; mother’s milk! I must admit I had never drunk Bests Riesling before – now I have regrets for missing out on such wonderful wines over the years. This is a classic Riesling with all the fruit freshness and lovely lemon/lime overtones you expect to see in top class Riesling. Leave it in the glass for a while and come back to it – it tastes of that old fashioned Lime Cordial.

On the night we drank the wine it was one of those balmy spring nights and we decided to pan fry some Salmon and teamed it up with a fresh green salad dressed with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. What a fantastic meal it turned out to be – our friends, dyed in the wool (if you pardon the pun) NZ Sauvignon Blanc drinkers, thought this was a great wine: more Riesling converts!

One of the reasons this wine is so approachable is that I suspect it was fermented to off-dry and has a small amount of residual sugar which makes it so easy to drink now – but that is almost criminal given the acid/fruit balance in this wine which would ensure it will remain drinkable for at least 10 years and reward those with an iron will and extreme patience with wonderful honeyed lemon curd and lime flavours.

This is a beautiful wine to drink now or later.

Brent Lello's Gravatar
Brent Lello
(02/11/2014 at 12:02 PM)
Lime curd and lemon blossom aromas with a lovely lift of lanolin and rain sprinkled slate. Racey lime juice flavours follow that tingle the tongue and puckers the cheeks, with a long and lingering aftertaste. We paired this with Korean Seafood Pancakes. A better food match would be hard to find with the Riesling really highlighting the hits of chilli and lime and the richness of the seafood in the pancake. This combination evokes the sensations of summer!

Layman Tasting Group's Gravatar
Layman Tasting Group
(24/11/2014 at 12:31 PM)
The Bests Great Western Riesling 2013 was preceded by some Pol Roger Reserve Brut and canapés so our palates were well primed . The 2013 riesling was very well received. The clean lemon/lime citrus nose was enjoyed by all. A youthful fairly dry wine with great drinkability. It was perfect with the oysters and prawns. One said it was a “convivial” summery wine that she would happily serve to any guests. There was no disagreement on that. It was agreed that the wine had good balance and length. Generally we saw no need to put it down in the cellar, as it was drinking so well now.

Brett Marks's Gravatar
Brett Marks
(28/11/2014 at 3:08 PM)
Superb length with flavours of lime and lemon citrus. Balance supreme with the acid cutting through the spices of the balinese chicken dish we complemented it with at one of our favourite asian restaurant's in Canberra. Whilst this will cellar well and improve over next 10 years, a cracker now.

Angela Henningsen's Gravatar
Angela Henningsen
(08/12/2014 at 7:58 PM)
I will say up front…if someone asks or there is a tasting on, you can guarantee that I will rarely like the Riesling. I find them often overly sweet and I hate to say this but a bit “Barbie”. Yes “Barbie”. The drink, like Barbie, all the girls are meant to like. That being said I like to think that I am opened minded and will pretty much try anything. Just call me Goat! Hence we come to the Best’s Riesling 2013. Well this was one for the books. Here we have a Riesling I liked. Granted I like a lot of wine…in terms of liquid ounces and breadth of experience, but rarely do I like a Riesling. Here we have the diamond in the rough of my Riesling experience. I embarked on my journey on a Thursday night. Long day. Needed refreshment. It was a warm Melbourne evening and the refreshing, cool, crisp aroma of gentle peaches, green olive and subtle basil was very inviting. The pale, pale, straw colour sat serenely in the glass. Breathing in the wafting aromas from the glass, keeping my desires to simply swill the contents from the glass in check, rewarded me with a palate full of cucumber, lemon, lime and new green apple. Lingering spritz, like childhood memories of sherbet, tickled the length of my tongue. Feeling that I should try the intoxicating brew with food, I proceeded with vintage cheddar cheese and salty water crackers. This expanded the experience opening up the palate to hints of strawberry and honeydew. For me I happily indulged in the crisp, clean experience of the wine…given it was ¾ of the bottle before, Hubby poured himself a glass, I would suggest no wonder I was happy. I foresee, picnics in the park watching the local cricket while enjoying this languid little gem with aged vintage cheddar and green apple, strawberries, or cucumber and salmon petite sandwiches. If one is feeling the warmth of the late summer evening it would certainly still suit strawberries dipped in salted dark chocolate for a treat.

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