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White Gravels Hill Block

The Thomson family originally settled on the site for this block as a way to avoid damaging frosts during extremely cold winters. In 1969, they first planted Chardonnay in the paddock next door to where Shiraz now grows (much to the dismay of others as this variety was not fashionable at the time).Watch this video about the White Gravels hill block. 


In 1992, the team then planted Shiraz next to the Chardonnay site and it thrived. Shiraz proved to suit this site much better than Chardonnay. Much has been said about this site’s similarity to the best Syrah vineyards in France’s Northern Rhône, with its top soil of white quartz gravel and granite over granite bedrock, but they couldn't claim to have known this at the time! The team just needed a spot to grow healthy grapes, and it turned out to be perfect for Shiraz.

The fruit from this Shiraz block goes into our White Gravels Hill Shiraz. It's selected for its unique characteristics and used in our final Bin No. 0 Shiraz blend.