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Concongella Vineyard

The 'Concongella' estate takes its name from the picturesque Concongella creek that runs beside the vineyard. Climatically cold to very cold winters and frequently dry and cool summers, with occasional bursts of hot weather, are the norm. Ben Thomson believes a little stress concentrates grape flavour; at Concongella it happens naturally.

Despite these natural adversities, Concongella consistently produces high quality grapes of intense flavour. The vineyard is a blend of old and new plantings, and the grapes for the Best’s Great Western Icon wines are grown and sourced from the Concongella Vineyard.

At this vineyard, we have five important blocks of fruit that relate to the history of Best's and our award-winning, cool-climate Shiraz for which Best's is now famous.

Thomson Family Block     Nursery Block    Bart's & Marcus's Block    White Gravels Hill Block

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