2023 Victorian Community Achievement Awards

In every community, there are exceptional individuals and organisations that go above and beyond to make a positive impact. The 2023 Victorian Community Achievement Awards serves as a platform to honour these unsung heroes and celebrate their remarkable contributions across several areas including Tourism & Hospitality. This prestigious event brought together diverse talents, inspiring stories, and a shared vision for a better future.

2023 Victorian Community Achievement Awards image of tourists enjoying the view at Boroka Lookout

Recognizing the Changemakers

The Victorian Community Achievement Awards of 2023 provide a platform to honour and celebrate the exceptional individuals and organizations that have made a significant positive impact in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Best’s Wines believe in bringing the warmth of genuine service to everything they do and as such lend their name to sponsor the Best’s Wines Tourism and Hospitality Award. These awards recognize the tireless efforts, innovative initiatives, and unwavering dedication of individuals, groups and organisations that have worked to make a difference within their communities. From arts and culture to health and wellbeing, environment to innovation, these awards encompass a wide range of categories, ensuring that various aspects of community development are recognized and celebrated.

The Victorian Community Achievement Awards aim to recognize individuals, groups, and organizations from various fields who have demonstrated outstanding dedication, innovation, and compassion. From education to healthcare, environment to social justice, nominees showcase their remarkable efforts to address pressing issues and improve the lives of others.

Celebrate excellence and nominate an individual, family member or friend for the Best’s Wines Tourism and Hospitality Award, and recognise their achievements in the Tourism and Hospitality industry!

Best’s Wines Tourism and Hospitality Award goes to…

Grampians Helicopters – Justine Hide of Halls Gap has relentless dedication that has brought thousands of visitors to the area, driving local businesses and promoting Victoria as a top destination.

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