Best's - Young Vine Pinot Meunier
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Pinot Meunier

Our  Pinot Meunier has been a jack of all trades since its planting in the 1970s.  It has rarely been made as a single block wine; it's more commonly used for sparkling white production and blended with Pinot Noir to make our Concongella Collection Meunier/Noir. 

The Pinot Meunier is produced from vines planted in the 1970s that were taken from cuttings of the original 1868 plantings by Henry Best.

The 2020 ‘Young Vine’ Pinot Meunier is first since 2013.  It may be light, but it is voluptuous, fresh and vibrant and delivers above its weight with silky, long lasting flavour.  A must for your wine rack.

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