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2017 LSV Shiraz

2017 LSV Shiraz

Medium bodied with rounded red and dark fruits and a long savoury finish. This wine will soften and form more complex aromatics and flavours over the next 15 years.  
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Great Western
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David Downey's Gravatar
David Downey
(13/06/2019 at 4:25 PM)
My wife Di and I had a bottle of this wine to taste so we thought we should do it properly over dinner with the neighbors. We have enjoyed many a fine drop with them over the years and our get together are best described as “Good Food, Great Wine-shocking company; They were particularly helpful when Di and I set a challenge of visiting 50 cellar doors in our 50th year ( we only got to 42 in the end but what can you do....) So it was on the Saturday night of 8/6/19 that we set about the convivial task of tasting this wine; we like to do this in 2 stages- a tasting before food and then with food (it pays to be a little scientific about these things). We chose to pair the wine with a 7 hour slow cooked Osso Bucco served with a gremolata of garlic, parsley and grated lemon rind, and paprika roasted potatoes. On pouring the wine we could see that it wasn’t opaque or cloudy like some shirazes out there; this wine was a deep red/magenta, starting to enter the purple spectrum. Time to do the honorable thing and give it a swirl to explore the bouquet. The bouquet wasn’t your typical Shiraz nose ( or maybe I’ve drunk too many blockbuster shirazes to properly tell any more) but it certainly was agreeable; “waiting to be picked”dark cherries and were what we presumed to detect, possibly a touch of black olives and a faint trace of perfume/herbs. Time to find out what this wine is all about so we proceeded to taste it firstly on its own without food.this is a wine that truly is a joy to hold in the mouth, silky smooth a well structured medium bodied wine in which we dared to perceive notes of dark chocolate, black olives, a hint of leather/tobacco maybe a spot of forest floor- whether we accurately identified these things or not it still goes to show that this wine has a fair bit going on with the tannins in respectful harmony-a complex wine indeed. The only queries were was it a little too young and there was the slightest bit of tartness that suggested it needed food. Only one way to answer the latter question so we tried it again with the Osso Bucco. We soon found that the wine and food complimented each other without eithe overpowering the other; we detected a greater intensity to the dark fruit flavors and white pepper came through on the palate as well; the wine really stepped up to the plate in every sense of that phrase- in our view a wine that certainly needed food; the Osso Bucco was a good pairing but if that’s not your thing might we suggest a ribeye or T-bone steak with either a pepper sauce or herb butter or perhaps a Boeuf Bouguignon; Roast Lamb was one other suggestion. All in all this Shiraz provoked much discussion both during the tasting and afterwards; it was an easily reached consensus that this is a really classy wine tat we all enjoyed; Di doesn’t really do big gutsy reds any more but this one had her pushing her glass forward for more; this a wine to loiter over and muse about- don’t be in a hurry to swallow it- let it work it’s charms inside your mouth - one to swirl not swill, if your Lordships pleases.....There was some suggestion that the wine would benefit from being tucked away for a while- it certainly has the structure and complexity to ensure a long and illustrious future; If we were to guess (and so we shall) we would rate this as a 94/95 point wine best served, date I say it with good food and of course, shocking company......

Jenny Dare's Gravatar
Jenny Dare
(17/06/2019 at 1:48 PM)
Our little wine club were more than excited to try our second bottle of wine, having been absolutely impressed with the Cabernet Sauvignon, the next round of clean glasses couldn't be filled quick enough! But no-one was impressed with the bouquet, sharp tannins, very smoky with molasses or licorice. Again, beautiful colour, but tasting was where we split in two...half liked it and would happily pay for it, the other half weren't as eager. The smoky flavour was very sharp and it is a very dry wine which we have discovered is fine for some, but not for others. So out of 14 people, 7 (possibly 8, she was still undecided) would purchase this wine. Happy we've tried it though. We did try this with our meal as well. Didn't really change what people were thinking but did make it a little easier to drink for those of us who weren't particularly enjoying this one.

Fiona's Gravatar
(01/07/2019 at 4:48 PM)
We had a group of 6 taste a few wines. Before we started we each declared our all time favourite grape or blend and 3/6 said Shiraz. So we had some big expectations. We were cautious not to compare to a Barossa or even a Hunter but at the end of the day, we feel these regions are the benchmark for Australia so it's hard not to... After nearly 2 hours in the decanter we got on the job... Very dark, almost black in colour. From the group we got floral, berry, mint and mixed lollies on the nose. The palate left the group divided. Some found it tasted like Indian spices, some found it very raw, a bit "green" (perhaps due to it's youth) and others found it smooth and enjoyable. There was no punch and it was definitely more a French style than an Aussie blockbuster. So while not enjoyed by all, everybody agreed the experience of sharing it together was by far best bit.

Grant Scicluna's Gravatar
Grant Scicluna
(08/07/2019 at 10:00 PM)
This Shiraz Viognier which went down a treat at a dinner party this weekend. It is inky dark. The nose was intense with vibrant jubey fruits and flowers. The palate is generously medium, and though deeply savoury, has bright brambly fruit flavour at this stage. It tastes of baked fruits and spices as well as having those meaty, smoky characters coming through too, making it a wine to contemplate as well as have fun with. The tannin is coy but assertive, the viognier doing its job there on texture. Tastes like Great Western Shiraz but with a nod to Rhone. I liked it and so did the table!

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