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Justin Purser
2 September 2020 | Justin Purser

Unearthing the story of Great Western Cabernet Sauvignon


One of the greatest things about the Great Western wine region is its ability to successfully grow a diverse range of grape varieties. Shiraz may well be the regional hero, but Cabernet Sauvignon from the area can lay almost equal claim to fame.

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Justin Purser
20 March 2018 | Justin Purser

Justin’s 2018 Vintage Update

 Justin’s 2018 Vintage Update 2018 vintage has certainly been fast and furious. We started picking the Riesling on 22 February and anticipate that this years’ vintage will be over prior to Easter. We’ve processed over 300 tonnes in a short 2 week window. You can visualise it being like fruit Tetris, constantly shuffling bins of fruit and making room in the winery to move parcels around to keep the grapes in optimal condition as we process it.  Continue »

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Justin Purser
30 June 2017 | Justin Purser

Justin's Warming Lamb Shanks

As the temperature drops and the nights bring an icy chill (especially in our Great Western neck of the woods), there’s nothing better than comfort food. And one of the most traditionally hearty dishes for this time of year has to be slow-cooked lamb shanks.  Continue »

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Justin Purser
16 May 2017 | Justin Purser

2017 Vintage Wrap-Up

At last the end has come! And what a year it has been. Read on as Justin wraps up a year not seen in recent decades.  Continue »

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Justin Purser
8 February 2017 | Justin Purser

Best's 2017 Vintage Update

Justin Purser gives an outline of the upcoming 2017 Vintage. Update - 21st March  Continue »

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Justin Purser
21 April 2015 | Justin Purser

Vintage 2015 Wrap Up

Justin gives his wrap up of the 2015 Vintage  Continue »

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Justin Purser
4 March 2015 | Justin Purser

Vintage 2015

Vintage 2015 is well under way, with the first grapes brought into the winery in the last week of February. Best's Winemaker, Justin Purser gives you the inside story on how the season is progressing  Continue »

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