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14 June 2018 | Best's Wines

Best's Wines: The little known grapes in our Nursery Block


The Nursery Block at Best’s Wines has always been one of our treasured vineyards, and it is incredibly unique even on a global level. This block is a 1.2-hectare vineyard believed to feature the most extensive pre-phylloxera plantings in Australia, and possibly the world. Within the collection, there are more than 39 separate varieties planted, eight of which remain unknown and un-named to this day. International viticulturists have visited over the years, keen to research and take cuttings to discover more about some of the more unusual mix of vines within our custody. It’s a living museum and a vital part of our history – Best’s takes very seriously its role as custodian of this important piece of earth.

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Chris Thomson
31 May 2018 | Chris Thomson

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

This lamb shank recipe is winter comfort food at its best. Chris Thomson still uses an old Pyrex 250ml cup measure that belonged to Grandma Thomson. Chris’s tips? Before adding the wine, bring it to the boil (the alcohol evaporates!) and it will impart a more mellow flavour. Cook and enjoy this dish with Best’s Bin No. 1 Shiraz.

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Chris Thomson
29 May 2018 | Chris Thomson

Beef & Walnut Tagine

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Looking for some dinner inspiration? Perhaps give this Thomson Family Beef and Walnut Tagine Recipe a try.

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Best's Wines
3 May 2018 | Best's Wines

The history of Bin No. 0 Shiraz

 Justin’s 2018 Vintage Update The evolution of Bin No. 0 began more than 150 years ago when Henry Best planted vines at the Concongella Vineyard in 1868.  Continue »

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Justin Purser
20 March 2018 | Justin Purser

Justin’s 2018 Vintage Update

 Justin’s 2018 Vintage Update 2018 vintage has certainly been fast and furious. We started picking the Riesling on 22 February and anticipate that this years’ vintage will be over prior to Easter. We’ve processed over 300 tonnes in a short 2 week window. You can visualise it being like fruit Tetris, constantly shuffling bins of fruit and making room in the winery to move parcels around to keep the grapes in optimal condition as we process it.  Continue »

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Best's Wines
14 March 2018 | Best's Wines

Family-friendly places to visit in The Grampians

 Top food and wine destinations A trip to Victoria’s Grampians region makes for a fabulous family affair. By car, the journey from Melbourne’s CBD to Great Western is only 250km and takes about 3 hours (read our top tips about where to stop along the way!).  Continue »

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Best's Wines
25 January 2018 | Best's Wines

Top food and wine destinations on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road

 Top food and wine destinations Planning a trip along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road? From beautiful views of the rugged rocky shorelines of the Southern Ocean (don’t miss the 12 Apostles!), through to canopies of rainforest, verdant farmland and calm coastal towns, this diverse road tour is one of Australia’s most loved holiday destinations.  Continue »

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