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11 December 2020 | Best's Wines

100 Years of the Thomson Family

The Australian wine industry is rich in family histories that weave together to create a unique story about Australian wine. There are many family-owned wineries that remain in family hands, with the fourth, fifth or even sixth generations now at the helm and breathing new life into their historic past. This has certainly been the case for the Thomson family, who in 2020 celebrated 100 years of being the custodians of Best’s Great Western.  Continue »

Best's Wines
5 December 2017 | Best's Wines

At the mercy of Mother Nature - The impact of Black Frost on our Best's Vineyards

Black-Frost-Vineyards There’s nothing like the whim of Mother Nature to remind the owners of a winery that they’re in the business of agriculture.  Continue »

Best's Wines
1 September 2017 | Best's Wines

The History Behind the Sign!

If you’ve visited Best’s cellar door, it’s hard to miss the “Best’s Wine” moniker painted in its glory across the roof of the building. How did it get there? Discover more about this tale that has its beginnings in the clouds…  Continue »

Best's Wines
15 June 2016 | Best's Wines

Seppelt Great Western Stands Again

Great news for the town of Great Western as our neighbour Seppelt gets a new lease of life.  Continue »