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16 March 2021 | Best's Wines

Revealing the new Great Western Wine and Heritage Cycling Trail

The Great Western Wine and Heritage Cycle Trail is a unique wine trail designed for two wheels. The cycle route connects the three major wineries in Great Western, including Best’s Wines, and is tailored for wine connoisseurs, nature lovers and history buffs. Follow it to explore Great Western’s world-class wineries and stunning landscape, uncovering the region’s rich history along the way.  Continue »

Ben Thomson
22 November 2019 | Ben Thomson

Best’s high-flying fight against frost

There are some challenges in viticulture that are hard to plan for, and the devastating black frost of 4 November 2017 was one that took its toll. Despite having frost fans set up in the vineyard, the sudden onslaught of a cold burst of air that immediately settled on Best’s Concongella vineyard wiped out a large percentage of our fruit. The resulting 2018 harvest was decimated. If you’ve not heard the story, we wrote about the impact of the frost in a previous post back in early December 2017.

  Continue »

Best's Wines
5 December 2017 | Best's Wines

At the mercy of Mother Nature - The impact of Black Frost on our Best's Vineyards

Black-Frost-Vineyards There’s nothing like the whim of Mother Nature to remind the owners of a winery that they’re in the business of agriculture.  Continue »

Best's Wines
15 September 2017 | Best's Wines

Our Riesling Explained

A brief run through of Riesling at Best's, what, when, why and how?  Continue »

Hamish Thomson
9 June 2017 | Hamish Thomson

Dolcetto - The Mystery of our Malbeck

Dolcetto is a little known Italian variety from the north west district of Piedmont. Here at Best's it was planted in the 1870's and sold as "Malbeck" until 1982. read on for the full story.  Continue »

Best's Wines
21 July 2011 | Best's Wines

Best’s Concongella Vineyard

Our Winemaker Adam Wadewitz talks about the Best’s Concongella Vineyard. A very special part of our history but also significant for Australian Wine.  Continue »