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30 April 2020 | My Blog Category | Best's Wines

Vintage 2020 Wrap-Up

2020 WILL CERTAINLY GO DOWN IN HISTORY as a vintage to remember! Unlike other Australian regions, we were fortunate to be unaffected by the smoke caused by the bushfires (mind you, we’ve had our fair share of fires in previous years!) and, while yields were down, the quality is looking superb.

Fortunately, frosts in late 2019 were controlled with the assistance of our friends at Grampians Helicopters, along with frost fans in certain parts of the vineyards. Despite the strong winds and cool weather prolonging the onset, vintage 2020 was able to get under way in late February, and things drew to a close just after Easter.

Ben Thomson and winemaker Justin Purser talk through our experience here at Best’s Great Western and give you an idea of the wines that we will produce from this high quality fruit.

Bunch sizes were slightly smaller than previous years, but the shiraz in particular is looking pristine. Our new Sugarloaf Vineyard in Great Western is proving able to give us lots more options to continue to refine our wines as we get to know the site in more detail.

We look forward to you tasting the fruits of our labour later in the year, when the white wines are released.


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