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Bart's & Marcus' Block

Viv Thomson returned from overseas in the 1960s and, at that stage, the industry was starting to gain momentum. Best's had lots of old plantings but some were in poor condition.

After pulling out some of the underperforming vineyards, the first of which was in 1966, we replanted the block with Shiraz vines, which we re-named as Bart’s Block, as 1966 was the year Viv's second son, Bart (Hamish) was born.

This Shiraz block sits next to the old homestead in a corner of the Concongella Creek, which borders the Best’s vineyard. It sits on hard-setting silt over clay. This vineyard shows a lot of strength and body. The intense, aromatic fruit from this vineyard forms the backbone of the Bin No. 0 Shiraz.

Watch this short video about this block: 

1970 Marcus' Shiraz Block

This impressive vineyard of heavily trunked vines sits along the Concongella Creek and was planted as part of our expansion plans in 1970, the year the youngest Thomson brother Marcus was born.

After clearing wattle trees, we planted Shiraz and later Pinot Meunier and Ondenc, too. The Thomson's have always maintained that it takes about 10 years for the vines to mature. Viv oftens says, “Vines are like children – they don’t make a lot of sense until they become young adults”. So lucky for us, by the time Shiraz was becoming popular in the 1980s, our vines were starting to hit their straps.

The fruit from this block provides some of the power in Bin No 1 Shiraz & Bin No. 0 Shiraz, with strong and intense dark fruit flavours and peppery spice. The fertile alluvial loam over clay provides the complementary “yang” to the “yin” of the 1966 Bart’s Block.